11 Reasons why Game Of Thrones is the best series ever made:

  1. It is historically accurate-ish (although it spans about 5 centuries and has dragons)
  2. It has dragons
  3. Just when you assume a character is a vital lead and can’t be killed they CHOP HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF (spoiler alert). There’s no guessing who is expendable and who’s in for the long game so you really worry about the ones you like
  4. There’s a diverse selection of proper hardcore women
  5. Northern accents. It’s nice to hear soldiers from Mansfield talk about zombies. It makes me chuckle and it makes everything seem less fantastical than posh twats shouting doth this and thine that. There is also a spattering of wit that keeps it light when it could all go a bit too decapitatey
  6. Loads of shagging with abandon instead of all the prissy self-conscious not allowed because of religious shit shagging
  7. Possibly the first non-patronizing role for a dwarf since Willow, and one that re-poses the question – would you fuck a dwarf? (and supplies the categorical answer – I’d do Dinklage)



  8. They have ravens instead of cell phones (or owls)
  9. We all want our boyfriends to start calling us Khaleesi or ‘moon of my life’
  10. Alfie Allen and the irresistible urge to go ‘oooooo oh deary me, my little brother’s in his bedroom smoking weed’ every time he does something bad
  11. The (GOT Version of a) French guy who kills for Arya Stark and the way he says ‘Man is going to kill but man is not going to kill now’ – best use of third person EVER


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