Who even cares if this is good or not? Good doesn’t come into it. The makers of Clueless and Alicia Silverstone (and the bald teacher dude) are back, and this time they’re vampires. Yeah. I know.

Not sure if this is spoof, chick flick, rom com, twinkle town. Doesn’t matter, I love Clueless, I love Krysten Ritter and her crazy skinny face, I love the bald dude and lord knows I have a lot of time for films that straddle the saddle on a horse of shit.

Note: I think Alicia Silvestone has been in stasis since Clueless because she is clearly exactly the same age now as she was in 1995

Another note: I just looked up Alicia Silverstone and while she hasn’t been in stasis, she has been in more films that scored 5 or under than any other ageless ditzy blonde. Her latest movie is called ‘Ass Backwards’ I mean seriously Alicia, get a new agent.


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