Obviously I wanted to get all angry about how stupid and sexist and banal this movie is. Even as I reluctantly hit play I was like ‘dude, this is going to be totally terrible.’

If you go in expecting a 5, it’s surprisingly good. Leslie Mann has a strong cry-face, Cameron Diaz acts her age and well, Kate Upton does an arm gesture that was funny. It’s definitely less 2D than say John Tucker Must Die, probably because they are adults instead of teenagers so they eschew those ‘oh wow I’m also beautiful on the inside’ moments.

It’s a shame about they couldn’t come up with something a bit more interesting than the enduring clich√© that is putting estrogen in smoothies and spiking someone with laxatives (yawn).

If you can overlook the plot as a kind of necessary evil, this is a pretty funny if lightweight look at female friendships that somehow manages to stay on this side of complete bollox.


*Since all the jokes are in the trailer, you can either save yourself two hours and just watch that, or enjoy a song from Jeff Buckley, your call.


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