I have honestly no idea what this film is for. It’s like a spoof, or a spoof of a spoof, it’s like a bad joke by amazing comedians or a terrible joke you can’t stop looking at or maybe it’s not a joke or umm, no but… ummm…

Did they make this for tax reasons? Did they have a slow day between making box sets? Did they just want to give Schmit from New Girl, Robin from How I met Your Mother, Kenneth from 30 Rock, that big tongued dude that’s in Party Down and the ginger receptionist from The Office US something for their CVs? Who’s to blame for this? I just can’t work out why this film exists at all.

Having said that…

We watched it to the end, and we lolled once or twice, but there was a definitely unsatisfying lack of coherency, like too many cooks, or nobody quite decided what they were going for so Amy was doing a rom com spoof and Paul was doing a kind of college / stoner humour homage to… Umm…

Watch the clip, Paul Rudd doesn’t even know what it is. Good start Paul.

*Spoiler alert*
The comedy highlight is Paul Rudd calling Amy Poehler a c*nt.



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