I like all the Iron Men because I like shiny things and handsome things so a handsome thing wearing a shiny thing that can fly, that’s my kind of film.


No, it’s not. Not by a long pop.

Iron Man 3 as you’ve no doubt already heard from far more reliable (and less profane) sources, is good. It’s funny, it’s noisy, it’s got 7.9 on IMDB for christ’s sake.


You know what my problem is? The bad guy gets his comeuppance and that’s fine and as it should be, but the bad guy is cross because of acts of horrific violence and irresponsibility on the part of Americans, both historically and in recent times. He is motivated by injustice and frankly, I kind of feel for the crazy son of a bitch.

So yeah (spoiler alert) when Iron Man wins the day the audience is like YAY, I’m like, ummm, what about all the fucking evil shit that America did to make the bad guy into a bad guy?


Oh ok, roll the credits, let’s all go home and carry on like it isn’t pretty much western society’s fault that everything is fucked. Toodle fucking pip.


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