We wanted something food themed so we tried to ignore Katie Holmes and watched Pieces Of April, starring Katie Holmes.

Oh Katie, you’re so pretty, you’re in such good films. You were in Thank You For Smoking and Batman Begins, you were the slutty pumpkin Katie, and we loved you for it. Even though, bless your cottons, you are totally fucking awful in them all.

The rest of the cast, as is normal for films starring the Katienator, are a veritable scaffold of support for the Holmeseopathic, the script is strong and the premise is sweet but not saccharine. Alison Pill does a sterling job of being a right cow and the little brother is totally intriguing to watch. If you’re looking to curate your own food themed pizza party, this is highly recommended. It’s especially effective if at least one of your number is kind of a bitch and finds Katie Holmes at least as irritating as you do.


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