Yeah it’s good. Of course it’s good. It’s a spaghetti western by Tarantino. It’s got a lot of swearing and blood and a soundtrack that makes you want to stand up and dance (or DaYance). It’s outrageously inaccurate historically speaking but so is Back To The Future 3 and no-one got upset about that.

It’s a bit harsh at times and the Tarantino cameo is jarringly bad, but Jamie Foxx is smooth and delicious and although I normally find Christoph Waltz intimidating, when he’s playing a goody it’s kinda old man hot.
There’s a lot of backlash about the over use of the N word but as a suburban English white girl I don’t feel qualified to comment.This is the guy who’s opinion I chose to take in this case W. Kamau Bell

Tarantino defending its use at the Golden Globes was hard to watch, he is not a good looking dude:

Tarantino at Golden Globes

Also read this Rolling Stone article about how the NRA think Django Unchained makes a great point about slavery and gun rights. FUNNY (in a Yikes way).

Rolling Stone – bad week for the right wing


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