I just went to the premier of this. The red carpet was very red and the lights were very bright. We did not get free popcorn. All the funny bits are in the trailer so you could save yourself 20 quid and two hours and just watch that.

Rose Byrne is a high-rolling PR nightmare who basically gets sexually harassed into submission by the multimillionaire owner of a chemical company (it’s ok that his company makes chemicals though, because he employs a dinner lady who tells us he’s one of the good guys), while her husband, Rafe Spall, plays a fucking idiot who tries not very hard to be helpful and then snogs Anna Faris who is a really weird choice for this part (Seriously, have you seen House Bunny?)

Who wants to watch two completely unlikeable people not getting along? It’s like being stuck on a Megabus and knowing that the ‘happy ending’ is getting out in Middlesborough.

Many thanks to the British Heart Foundation for the tickets though.


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