My best friend is a screen writer and she once worked on a BBC thriller / spy series. She told me a secret that I’m going to tell you:

When they were writing each episode, there was no game plan, no ultimate ending. They weren’t structuring all the details towards a massive reveal, they were just making it up as they went along.

That series, for obvious (largely cast-based) reasons, was cancelled before they aired the second season (that my friend wrote). They left a bunch of cliff hangers and only answered the most superficial plot points. I asked my friend – So, like, what was up with the dude and the kid and everything?

She laughed and said – Remember the big brown envelope full of answers that was going to kick start the next season?
Well, no one knew what to put in there. They argued about it for ages. The dude, the kid, the envelope, whatever you want mate, nothing much.

I like Orphan Black, it’s testament to how much your hairstyle really says about you. Personally I’d like to be the soccer mom. It’s diverse and clever and funny and sci fi without being too ‘fi’. It moves quickly but not incomprehensibly so. Tatiana Maslany plays a load of clones. It’s sincerely one of the most impressive performances I’ve ever seen on TV. It’s especially mind-fucking when she plays one clone pretending to be another clone. It hurts my brain to watch.

This is the kind of show that when someone comes in and is like ‘who’s that’ you’re like, ‘No, dude, get out.’

As the second season got gradually more complex I couldn’t help but wonder if they’re making it up as they go along and have no idea what they’re actually going to say about it all in the end. My conculsion was as long as they keep Felix (Jordan Gavaris) in play, I’ll keep watching, Go Jordan, Go Jordan…


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