It’s like they made this film for me. It’s about a writer who dreeeeeams of writing for Cosmo and then she goes undercover as a woman with a proper job to get a man in a suit for a boyfriend and falls in love with her boss (spoiler alert).

It’s like, my life.

I usually forgive actors for bad films because they’re dancing monkeys doing smarter people’s work, but in this case I want to bitch slap Hilary Duff and then stamp on her fucking neck.

I nearly totalled my computer watching this, even IMDB was like ‘are you serious? Did you just look this up? We thought you were cool’ and I was like, yeah, and I watched it, and they were like ‘yikes sister, get a job already’ the worst thing about it is this was made in 2010, and not the 50s where shit like this should have stayed.


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