It’s not exactly the script… It’s not the actors per say… it’s not a particularly novel concept and it isn’t executed so perfectly that it’s irresistible, but something about Trollied is so sincere and almost accidentally good that it’s my new favourite way to kill 20 minutes. The script is great and the actors (bar, surprisingly, Jane Horrocks who I find hammy and annoying in this) are relative unknowns who bring a special sort of funny to their roles.

I think the real genius lies in the inbetween moments; the cut aways and the side glances, it’s not the line that cracks you up, it’s the tiny pause after the line that lands it so well.  There’s a definite hint of Green Wing in the first season and although I think by the 2nd season the punch of it gets diluted in narrative, by then it’s too late and you’re addicted.

Beep beep.


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