Popcorn Pirate was invited to the offices of Smart Productions (smirk) to talk about the IMDB score of 4.3 this film so richly deserved…

“Seriously though, building suspense is so 1997. This is Generation i.  Everyone already knows what’s going to happen and they just want to see Ryan Gosling go bonkers over someone’s mom. AmIright?” (wink)

ring ring
ring ring

“Hello? Who’s this? I’m in the middle of an interview about my lazy ass film. No. No the one with Ryan Gosling…”








“Sorry what?”WHAT?
“What the living fuck is a guzman?”

“Oh no. Oh shit. OH SHIT.”

He replaces the receiver and turns back slowly, a slightly hysterical smile on his face


“As I was saying, Jennifer Lopez is given the chance to really shine in this film, she’s the big name star and she deserves the limelight. I really think Gos… Erm… Guzman brings out JLo’s inherent radiance.”


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