The opening scene is two Arabic men getting shot in the face by a helicopter as it swoops in and starts exploding the shit out of an ancient palace. Caption – Middle East 1997.

Then the disabled woman and the black guy who want to halt climate change, come up against a group of elite upper class white men and a kid with a Rada-Estate accent, and lose, and loads of people die in a horribly violent way.


Why the rush job? Why not do a couple of rewrites? Tighten it up, team.  It’s not like the film came out for Christmas / Summer / The Oscars. Whose idea was it to have a phone in the police cell? Why the anal sex joke? Who the fuck is Taron Eggerton?

I take that back, I quite liked Taron Eggerton. Sorry Taron.

The only pro is that I am always happy to see Mark Strong doing well.




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