Until now, Matthew McConaughey had always occupied the same box in my brain as Owen Wilson; wonky nosed, slouchy voiced, terrible film making blond dudes with no artistic integrity.  Maybe it’s because he looked like the male equivalent of Sarah Jessica Parker, or maybe it’s because he was in How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days.

Regardless, he’s obviously taken an evening class in delivering smooth, serious roles with a panache that puts him at the top of the table. Woody Harrelson has been sat at that same table for a long time, so imagine my excitement about these two starring together in an HBO series about detectives.

This is seriously well done. It takes place in two timelines, 1995 and present day so Harrelson and McConaughey bounce between old and young cops. Young McConaughey is a total pant dampener, he’s got a full set of muscles, is heart broken, obsessive, damaged, hyper-intelligent and dulcet toned. You just absolutely would.

Harrelson on the other hand is the oaf of the two, a bit angry and a bit of a dumpy bumpkin but with enough IQ to regard him with respect.

I usually prefer to finish watching a season before writing a review (I learned that the hard way – thanks for nothing Agents Of Shield). But this is on of those HBOs (god I love you HBO) that you can judge by the pilot, because even the pilot is fucking awesome.



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