This film is bizarre, when did it happen? Did anyone even notice this come out?

It’s set up as a formulaic chick flick, think Mean Girls, Bridesmaids, blah blah blah, but then serious shit happens and it gets pretty raw and you’re all like, alright, calm down, jeez Kirsten Dunst no wonder you’re so skinny.

It never really gets funny ha ha, but it spends so long in WTF that it deserves some credit.   This is much closer to real life than most movies of this ilk and for once it’s actually a positive to be the fat one. This is one of those movies that got a 30 second pause when it was finished because nobody quite knew what to say (and we all had to un-furrow our eyebrows).

Much more interesting than Bridesmaids, but so is waiting for a bus.


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