It’s like a group of 12-year-olds made a list of the things they like and then they went ahead and made it into a film. They staged it at a white middle class retreat, stuck in some semi naked girls, some age/gender/race jokes from the 70s and pop. Done.

Which I guess is exactly what happened except these 12-year-olds are smug, overweight 40-year-olds who have millions of quid, production companies, zero artistic integrity and studios full of yes men.

Good for them, fucking atrocious for the viewing audience (unless you think fart and breast feeding jokes are a rollicking good laugh in which case, good for you too).

It’s like watching a learning disability, it’s the film equivalent of an ice cream headache, a lot of people got paid to go on holiday and make this film, this is by and about people who haven’t had a real problem for at least a decade. This might have been written by an actual monkey on a typewriter, this is the YouTube kitten of the film industry. There are no redeeming features about this movie. NONE. and Worse, I used to like Salma Hayek because she was almost funny in 30 Rock but now I hate her.  Films like this make me actually angry because they’re a total waste of resources.

A doberman could literally make a better film, see above.

Oh, and there’s a sequel. BOOOOO.


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