It’s weird to think that in 2007, while you were just getting on with your life, going to work, getting drunk, hanging out, somewhere in the world a couple of hundred people were all busy working on this. Zooey Deschanel was there (but she didn’t stop being annoying until 2009), Christopher Lloyd was there wearing a dressing gown…

I think they must have shot this in his house, but he had such a horrible hangover he didn’t realise until it was released on Netflix in 2012, then he saw it and was like ‘whoa, I totally thought that was a dream.’

Zooey’s boyfriend is literally the most asinine character I have ever experienced, and I’m using the word ‘literally’ because I mean it and not because I’m shit at writing.

THIS IS ACTUALLY ABOUT CEREAL, I can’t even… Just…. Christ.


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