You know those times when you and your business partner are so hungover you’re just lying on the floor of a basement flat in Camden wondering if A) you’re going to die and B) you’re still tripping your tits off from drugs you don’t remember taking? Yeah?

You want to order someone to bring you food and drinks but neither of you can handle looking at the internet, it’s too bright and noisy and full of social miscreants. You want to watch Finding Nemo but you can’t find the DVD and you don’t have a DVD player. You need something, anything, to distract you from the agony that is your existence. And then someone rolls over and accidentally presses a button on the remote and channel 4 is on and it’s showing A Matter Of Life And Death and it’s just started (but you don’t know that) and it has the most bananas opening 30 minutes you’ve ever seen and when it settles into your stride you look at each other to check that it’s really happening. And it is.

All that and David Niven. Fuck yes.


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