In 1995 Sylvester Stallone destroyed Judge Dredd for any self-respecting 2000AD fans. I am a 2000AD fan but I have no self respect so I was like, whatevs, it could have been worse.

Now that I’ve seen Dredd circa 2012, I’ve changed my mind and would like to say officially – FUCK YOU SYLVESTER.

The remake of Dredd is bang on, I have no idea who plays Dredd but helmets off to him, he nails it. The slo-mo scenes are my favourite drug scenes in a movie since Fear and Loathing. Slo Mo is the best fictional drug since Spice Melange…and the female bad guy is worthy of Demi Octavo. This is brutal, dystopian and serious in exactly the way Mega-City One was in 2000AD. I am so glad Stallone’s Dredd is dead.

Now I just wish they would make a film of Sinister Dexter. Bad. Ass.

Sinister Dexter 2000AD


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