In the opening scene you’re all like, ah mann that chick’s got cancer, this is gonna be well saccharine and I might cry. Then you find out she’s just got alopecia and you’re all like, ahh man Ted from How I Met Your Mother is well saccharine and this is probably gonna be really boring.

It never quite drops that far on the yawn-o-meter though, it consistently teeters around ‘hmmmmm’ with glimpses of ‘awwww’ it’s got some quite nice hippy moments and an overall positive vibe that is like getting a barely adequate massage, it’s still nice, but it’s not going to help.   If you can stand Josh Radnor’s singular brand of nothing acting this is very gentle on your hangover and gives you pause to think about how fucking burdensome being properly bald would actually be. For me at least, because I can’t even do the towel turban thing.


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