Why are all the romcoms now about people who hate each other? Is that what you fucking perverts want to see? Grim relationships and the gradual and seemingly inevitable decline of respect and affection?
If the answer to that is yes, you’re going to heart the shit out of This Is 40 which is Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann alternately fighting and making up, surrounded by an all star cast of unhelpful people doing strange and pointless things.

Why is John Lithgow suddenly in everything? And could this film be more sponsored by Apple, yeah Rudd, we get it, music execs have ipads, you are SO MODERN.

There are moments of full-on funny but they are packaged in a sad wrapper and floating about on Megan Fox’s boobs. The kids are quite cool and the little one made me think I might get knocked up one day. The teenager put me straight off again though. The film ends 2 HOURS later with nothing resolved.

What the fuck Judd? You’re meant to make us feel good. Get back on brand dickhead.


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