Ummm… So yeah it all starts in Russia with some counting and a cow in the sky who makes people into marketing experts by firing lightning at them… And urrr the star cow also narrates (with a voice from a safety video) and the guy works in a vodka shop but is head hunted… and he goes a bit weird… So he sort of becomes a shepherd but goes back into marketing when he makes an enormous bbq and washes in ash… so then cartoon aliens that are ‘brands’ are visible to the marketing expert… And brands are definitely bad / monsters / balloon animals that can fly… and the main guy meets a girl… and he wants to change the world by pretending to be a spy and making a reality show but he accidentally puts a fat girl in a coma except it wasn’t really him it was some other marketing expert on a special island who also talks to the cow who….  Ah forget it.

What. The. Fuck.

I know all that makes it sound like something you should watch because it’s magical and a bit awesome, but instead, watch They Live, which is a good version of the same idea (I think) without the additional total nonsense.


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