The first time we saw this we had smoked weed and we were sitting in one of those cinemas that has waiters that bring booze and sweets to your seat. The row we were sitting in laughed their arses off throughout. Afterwards my buddy who was sitting in front of us said it was because I kept losing my shit and giggling really loud and it was making everyone around me laugh. I went around for ages telling everyone it was the funniest film I’d ever seen.

After that viewing I gave Ted an unwavering 10. But then about a month, and a lot of build up later, I watched it with a couple of my mates and I found it good, but not great.

I think a lot of the jokes are single serve, but if you haven’t seen it already it’s a definite classic, and the first 10 minutes of 80s references made me feel young and happy. This will be on late at night at Christmas in years to come and we’ll all be pleased.


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