Billing this as ‘Bridesmaids meets Ted’ is just fucking weird. There are girls in it but none of them are getting married / over 23. ┬áThere are no talking bears and there’s not a lot of weed smoking. It’s more like Bring It On meets Glee with a soundtrack that they got from a gym.

This might be a film that’s ONLY ok to watch with a hangover. It’s so predictable you’ve basically already seen it, but, you know, Anna Kendrick’s fit and there are enough funny bits to keep you ticking along. The comedy highlight is indisputably John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks as the Acapella National Competition commentators.

Also: They totally stole the cups thing off our mates who did it in 2009 but I guess it’s nice to see these things go international and when Anna Kendrick was on Letterman she did mention that she took it ‘off two girls she saw on YouTube’ so that’s something.

One thought on “Pitch Perfect


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