This is ideal viewing if you like long, violent and gentle on the brain box sets. It’s a bit gory for my average wine come down but each to their own.

Dexter scores 9.1 on IMDB and is airing it’s 8th season this year. That’s pretty impressive for a show that basically runs the same story line every season – Dexter kills baddies, someone finds out, Dexter nearly gets caught, Dexter covers his track, loads of people die, Dexter gets away.

I don’t know why Dexter is so popular, maybe it’s the rare appearance of a likeable character or suspense that is backed up by the secure knowledge that Dex will evade capture. Maybe audiences love watching a handsome psychopath with Asperger’s syndrome make good. Maybe it’s violent torture porn. Yummers.

Top Tip: By season 4 I was running out of patience so instead of watching every episode I watched the first one and then just the ‘previously on…’ which are 2 minutes worth, then the last two. Now I’ve seen them all.


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