According to Awkward kids these days move much faster, have actual sex and are way more confident than they were back when Clare Danes was wearing a lumberjack coat and fiddling with her bangs (Awkward has TWO Jordan Catalano’s by the way).

It’s a bit embarrassing to admit liking this show, but it is consistently funny and if you can get past the high pitch twinks and bad eyebrow acting, there are some great characters and amazing use of acronyms.

Certain members of the box set faculty will frown on this, but to them I say, hey text your inner teenage girl because she’s gonna, like, love it.

So far there are only two seasons – episodes are short and to the point, and available on YouTube. Yay.

Possibly not one for ‘proper’ grown ups but nonetheless this series is so low-brow it will make even the most dust-skulled, crack-mouthed hangover victim feel a bit better.


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