During a particularly cold and dreary winter, my friend sent me a copy of ‘The Holiday’ with a note that said I reminded her of the Kate Winslet character.*

In five words Kate is: sappy, needy, frumpy, wimpy and rubbish. When she’s not pining over a terrifying looking Rufus Sewell (that guy has danger sex written all over him) she’s taking old men for walks and wondering why she’s not the leading lady in her life. In a stroke of comedy gold, or masterful mistiming, Kate manages to do the whole film looking like she forgot to do a poo before she left the house, eyes darting off camera for a break in the toilet queue.

Meanwhile Cameron Diaz has a ball. She’s badass and skinny in a way that makes you put the snickers down. She even has her own theme tune. The girls do a house swap between LA and Oxford where somehow the latter comes across as the fun one. Jude Law pops in as Kate’s older brother and snogs Cameron in the way only a mate’s older brother’s can. Jack Black poses as a love interest for Kate which is funny because we all know in real life he would just give her a wedgy.

IMDB tells us people who like this also like ‘How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days’. **

*I have never forgiven her and we have never been the same since.

** I have watched this film no less than eight times.


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